An academic building that houses the department of Theatre, the Theatre box office, and a 200-seat theater.
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Established 1956
Famed actor Hal Holbrook ’48 spoke at the original dedication of this building in 1956, paying tribute to his good friend and fellow Denison student, Leroy “Ace” Morgan, for whom the theatre is named.

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Designed by William Gehron and dedicated in 1956, the Theatre Arts Building houses the LeRoy "Ace" Morgan theatre, a 194-seat proscenium house, used for main stage and student productions. Ace was a drama student and member of the class of 1945 who was killed in World War II. The building was financed in part by contributions to his memorial fund. The theatre has been updated with state-of-the-art lighting and sound facilities Housed in the Theatre Arts Building are faculty offices and classrooms, one of which is a "smart" room used for seminars and design classes as well as for the theatre library with hundreds of play scripts and theatre texts. The building also contains the box office, and excellent construction and support facilities including: a fully-equipped 1800 square-foot scene shop; a welding, metal fabrication, cabinetry and fine props construction shop; a paint storage and preparation room with a two-story electric paint frame; a fully-stocked electrics shop; an extensive costume shop with separate cutting and pattern layout shops; and costume & prop storage facilities housing hundreds of props and costumes from every historical period.


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Ace Morgan Theatre

The storied history of Ace Morgan Theatre

A look back a few of the stars that walked the Ace Morgan stage, and a look forward at the possibilities for new Eisner Center for Performing Arts.

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