The Global Studies Seminar presents “Denison Study Trip to India 2020,” by John Cort and Sangeet Kumar

Notice: this information is for a past event.
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The Global Studies Seminar welcomes John Cort, Professor of Religion at Denison University and Sangeet Kumar, Associate Professor of Communication at Denison University, presenting “Denison Study Trip to India 2020.”

Cort has been studying India since the early 1970s when he was an undergraduate. He has made several dozen trips to India and lived there on various occasions for over seven years. Kumar was born and raised in India, where he did his undergraduate degree, and then worked as a journalist.

In this presentation, Cort and Kumar will describe the genesis and basic structure of the proposed Denison faculty enhancement study trip to India in the summer of 2020. We hope that Adam Weinberg will be able to join us to explain how the trip fits into the Denison strategic plan. If he is unable to attend, Raj Bellani will speak to this point. Several of the possible participants will present what they hope to accomplish in the trip. We then want to open the meeting up to a general discussion about the proposed study tour.

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