Denison's Beck Series, Journalism program and Geosciences program present The Story Collider.

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Denison’s Beck Series, Journalism and Geosciences program present The Story Collider, a live show featuring true, personal stories about science. Sharing their stories are Denison professors Erik Klemetti, Andy McCall, Heather Rhodes, Seth Chin-Parker and associate provost Alison Williams.

The Story Collider was founded in 2010 by Ben Lillie and Brian Wecht, two physicists who met at a storytelling show in Queens, and quickly realized that they could do that too. Since then, The Story Collider has been bringing these stories to life through their many live shows and a weekly podcast, using what they learned about science and stories to teach scientists to use narrative in their university and corporate workshop program.

Lillie and Wecht believe that, now, more than ever, science is a part of everyone’s life. At The Story Collider, you’ll hear from scientists about all the times things went wrong, and occasionally right, in their labs, but you’ll also hear from people who haven’t had a formal connection to science since high school. Physicists, comedians, neuroscientists, writers, actors, doctors, and many more have shared their story on The Story Collider. Some are heartbreaking; some are hilarious. They’re all true, and all, in one way or another, are about science.

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