To mark the the 20th Anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month SHARE (Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources and Education) is offering several sessions of their training program, Helping Hands, throughout the month of April. SHARE is a student-led organization that promotes trauma-informed support and guidance to survivors of sexual misconduct on campus, one of several support options available to Denison students.

Co-presidents Maggie McCann ‘21 and Anna Mae Murphy ‘21 teamed up with Title IX Coordinator to develop a new training program as a way to incorporate discussions of power and privilege into existing bystander intervention training.

“People can become involved up to their comfort level, whether it’s as an informed citizen or as a peer supporter for survivors,” says McCann. “ If one chooses to become recognized as an official Helping Hand, they recieve a placard to be placed on their doors and will attend continuing education a few times a semester to keep up to date on what SHARE’s doing and other best practices.”

Dr. Kim Creasap, Director of the Office of Gender & Sexuality, says, “I’m a Helping Hand because I want to support survivors of sexual misconduct and I also support SHARE’s efforts to promote a healthy campus climate. SHARE’s student leaders are well-informed, professional, and are providing crucial education to the campus community.”

For Denison students who may be looking for support, Maggie McCann says, “Report = support! Survivors are completely in control of their reporting process and going to the Title IX Office is the best way to be […] informed of your options - for reporting and for support. SHARE can also help guide survivors through these processes There is no timeline for healing and we make sure that every survivor knows they are 100% in control of that process, every step of the way.”

To report instances of sexual misconduct, abusive relationships, or sex- or gender-based discrimination, contact Jessica Galanos, Interim Title IX Coordinator

April 8, 2021