Identity & Advocacy

Denison Coalition for Sexual Respect

The Denison Coalition for Sexual Respect (DCSR) promotes sexual respect on campus through a community of students, faculty, and staff who represent various majors, offices, and organizations.

Our charge is to share, create, and promote opportunities to educate the community about sexual misconduct, sexual violence, and other forms of gender and relationship violence and to advocate for those affected for the purpose of preventing violence and promoting a culture of sexual respect within our community.

Men of Color Support Group

Established in 2016, The Men of Color Support group is a space for the male-identifying students of color to navigate unique challenges they may face. The group fosters a sense of community across all class years among men of color through monthly gatherings, peer mentorship, and dynamic conversations to promote wellbeing and belonging.

In addition, students have increased access to physical wellbeing resources such as haircuts by professionals who are trained in the hair care needs of people of color.

Hair Care Vending Machine

Location: Slayter Hall Student Union 4th Floor

Hair is deeply connected to identity, family, and community and here at Denison, we recognize the diversity in hair care needs, especially for textured hair. The Hair Care Vending machine is regularly stocked with unique hair care products that might not always be available at Denison or in the greater Granville area.

Hair health can have a significant impact on mental health and access to these products can improve the holistic wellbeing of our students.

Sexual Harassment & Assault Resources & Education (SHARE)

Sexual Harassment & Assault Resources & Education (SHARE) is a student organization that provides confidential support and guidance to survivors of sexual misconduct on Denison University’s campus. SHARE representatives provide information to those who seek help or knowledge. SHARE also seeks to encourage discussion and awareness of sexual issues on campus.

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Denison Day of Pride

Events during Denison’s Pride Day recognize and honor the experiences and insights that members of the LGBTQIA+ community bring to Denison.

Martin Luther King Jr. celebration

At Denison, the celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. commemorates all that he stands for – leadership, courage, progress, and perseverance. Every year, a committee of faculty, staff and students plan a schedule of events that reflects topics and themes of the day through King’s teachings.

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Multicultural student organizations fair

Denison students lead several organizations based on cultural identities. Each spring, a cross-cultural community organizations fair celebrates the diversity that is a part of our vibrant campus community. Students are able to learn about the values of each organization and interact with their executive boards. All students are invited to join these organizations, regardless of their identity, to learn from the experiences of others.

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Paving The Way: First-year orientation for multicultural students

The Paving the Way orientation program is open to all entering students, although our primary focus is to assist traditionally underrepresented student populations in transitioning to the academic, cultural, and social climate at Denison University.

This program begins three days before August Orientation and extends throughout the academic year. Sessions address academic success, ethnic and cultural identities, personal development, and an exploration of resources.

Senior Celebration

The annual Diversity & Inclusion Senior Celebration recognizes graduating seniors from diverse cultural and underrepresented backgrounds. We celebrate the cultural and social identities of students – creating a space to acknowledge the impact identity has had on their Denison experience. The celebration highlights the importance of these identities and the ways in which they relate to this extremely significant milestone in our students’ lives.

Social Justice Trip

In collaboration with the Alford Community Leadership & Involvement Center (CLIC) the annual Fall Break Social Justice Trip is an opportunity for students to engage with various social justice topics and community service outside the Denison campus and create a greater appreciation for history and contemporary practices in terms of social justice.

Participants are encouraged to document what they have learned through multimedia, such as video journaling, and use that to engage the wider campus community.

Welcome-Back block party

The Block Party is an annual celebration of the various campus groups with food, games, music, as well as performances by students and dance groups. Organizations and departments are tasked with creating an engaging activity to help forge a personal connection with students and providing them with information on available resources.

Women’s leadership conference

The EmpowHERment conference is designed to bridge awareness to the art of leadership as an interdependent identity journey and prepare women with new skill sets as we examine and re-think the meaning of leadership at Denison University and beyond.