Embracing Student Identities at the Intersection

Our fully residential campus — comprised of a broadly diverse student body — living with and learning from each other inside and outside the classroom.

Working across differences helps prepare our students for life in an ever-changing and globalized society. The diversity of our campus promotes knowledge and improves the quality of our thought, our creativity, and our capacity to solve problems. It also makes our campus more interesting, fun, and vibrant.

Adam Weinberg
President, Denison University

Our Values

We value the diverse voices of our students, faculty, and staff members. We make a commitment to demonstrate and support the values of IDEA by our investment in equitable practices, partnerships, and spaces. We are committed towards dismantling systemic racism to ensure that racism has no place on our campus. To do so, we take bold steps towards developing equitable resources to ensure all members of our community feel welcomed and heard.

  • Community
  • Advocacy (Equitable Resources)
  • Partnership
  • Student-Centered



The Center for Belonging and Inclusion is committed to cultivating an inclusive campus climate where individuals from historically underrepresented social identities can find community, explore leadership, and access resources and opportunities that contribute to their academic, social, and personal well-being. Through critical and action-oriented high-impact initiatives, we seek to build bridges and enhance the cultural understanding and awareness of the Denison community.


The Center for Belonging and Inclusion seeks to create a space on the Hill where all students feel at home.

We envision a University where:

  1. All Denisonions are committed to a shared responsibility of inclusion, diversity, equity, and antiracism.
  2. Diverse students, staff, and faculty ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds are supported to create an inclusive and innovative learning environment.
  3. We recruit, retain, and support our diverse student, faculty, and staff members.
  4. Incorporate initiatives for Denison community members to build their multicultural awareness and antiracism competency.
  5. Collaborative internal and external partnerships support the emerging needs of our students, faculty, staff, and the diversity of communities we serve.