Studio Art is excited to announce its new program, Studio Art Step Up Mentorship, which was started this Fall 2020.

The program was started as a way to bring different years of Studio Art majors into conversation and establish communities of support. The teams of students consist of a Senior, a Junior, a Sophomore and/or a First Year Studio Art major.

Teams are developed in conjunction with faculty and student input, and are tasked with visiting each others studios (for Juniors and Seniors who have their own studios) and sharing work. Teams are also asked to make exquisite corpses (a surrealist game where each person adds to a drawing without knowing the previous contribution) and come up with, and enact, an idea to make the Bryant Arts Center a better place. There will be an end of year show with the Step Up teams.

There are four teams thus far, and all senior art majors will be paired with students by the beginning of the spring semester.

October 28, 2020