Bryant Arts Center is a building that grows and shifts to fit the needs of students, and the work they are making. Renovated in 2009, Bryant Arts Center (formerly Cleveland Hall) has retained pieces of its 102 year old history, as well as transforming into a state of the art facility for students to grow and learn.

The Ground floor of Bryant holds sculpture studio, laser cutter and welding equipment, while the 1 st floor houses the woodshop and technician office.

The 2nd floor holds the ceramics hand building room, wheel throwing room, kilns room, soft sculpture lab, glaze and clay making labs and mold making room.

The 2nd floor also is home to the project space, a 300 square foot exhibition space that students can sign out for a week, as well as the Junior Studio spaces. In their Junior year, Studio Art majors are required to begin working on their independent practices and are granted individual studios.

The 3rd floor holds the printmaking studio, as it overlooks the town of Granville through the glassed classroom. Printmaking contains facilities for screenprinting, woodblock, lithograph and variations on contemporary and historical printmaking techniques. Also on the 3 rd floor is the photography area with a traditional wet darkroom with 9 enlargers, a black and white film developing area, 5 computers with all photo and design relevant programs, 44” Epson printer, 24” Epson printer, 2 Epson 600 printers and scanners. The photo area recently became home to a Risograph printer, which is part of the new focus on design and activism in the program. Students all have access to Mulberry Computer Lab, which is run independently for all the Fine Arts disciplines with a 17 seat capacity for teaching and working.

The 4th floor holds the drawing studio, painting studio and Senior studios. The painting studio is one of our larger spaces in Bryant with ceilings as tall as 30’. Students are able to spread out and work on provided easels, work tables, walls, and floors. Rolling carts, paint racks, and flame retardant cabinets supply storage for student materials and artworks.

Seniors are granted a studio for the entirety of their Senior year, and make work in relation to their research and interests. There is the opportunity for students to obtain the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art degree. This degree requires a solo show, catalog and thesis defense in the Senior year. The Bryant Art gallery, a 300 square foot space is on the 4th floor and is often used for classes, as well as visiting artists, alumni artists, Studio Art group minor shows and BFA solo shows.