At Denison, studio art students immerse themselves in the study of art while engaging critically with diverse courses, ideas, professors, and peers. Students try multiple mediums—animation, ceramics, design, painting, performance, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video, and more—developing a breadth of knowledge while recognizing the importance of finding depth within making and thinking.

Denison’s Studio Art program is unique

Our Studio Art program expands the boundaries of what art ‘is’. We emphasize art-making as a means to thinking not only about oneself, but also about one’s relationship to the world of ideas from multiple perspectives. Studio artists gain the knowledge and skills to use art as a way of responding to the constantly changing world.

Pick your path:

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree often double major, finding ways to make connections between the subject matter in their other major and their studio practice.

We are also proud to offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree which allows students to focus with rigor on their practice with a year of dedicated research, culminating in a solo show and thesis.

Our students work one-on-one with visiting artists. Professional artists, brought to campus through the Vail Visiting Artist Series, offer inspiration and exposure to a diversity of practices through talks, workshops and demonstrations. Visiting artists even meet one-on-one with studio art majors in practicum classes to respond to their work and provide new insights. Our majors are also mentored by artists and designers through the unique Columbus Creative in Residence initiative, designed to show how creatives can make their way in the world.

Our home in the Bryant Arts Center provides a top-tier facility with a wealth of equipment for art-making. From our kilns and welding tools to our dark room and woodshop, our students have an unlimited ability to create.

Departmental Guidelines

In Studio Art we foster independent and creative thought, emphasizing art-making as a means of thinking about not only oneself, but our relationship to the world of ideas from multiple perspectives. We offer two degree programs in Studio Art, a bachelor of arts (BA) and a bachelor of fine arts (BFA). Both degree programs emphasize technical skills and critical thinking, interdisciplinary work, collaboration and community. We encourage the fluidity of learning and see art as a bridge to all areas of study and research. The BA and the BFA prepare students in different ways for a variety of post-graduate pursuits, be it graduate school or professional endeavors in art and related fields. Students who plan to major in Studio Art are strongly advised to seek an advisor in Studio Art at the time of their decision to major. Studio Art majors are required to take a series of core courses and students need to work closely with advisors to complete these core courses by end of the first semester in their junior year. Students should expect to work two hours per week outside of class for each credit hour of a course. For students to whom off campus study is an option, we transfer up to 4 courses from an off-campus study experience towards the major, pending approval from the Chair.

Our Curriculum

Denison’s studio art courses are innovative, technically rigorous, and critically engaged. Students gain experience in a wide array of media, including animation, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and more.

We are committed to the rich dialogue that comes out of contemporary art—to creating environments and courses dedicated to anti-racism and to subverting traditional hegemonies of gender, sexuality, class and origin. Our courses are often cross-listed with other programs (including Queer Studies, Women’s & Gender Studies, Black Studies, Latin and Caribbean Studies, and Environmental Studies).

Outside the Classroom


Praxis in the Arts, a Studio Art and Knowlton Center supported initiative, requires majors to have work experience in the arts as part of their degree.

What do studio art majors do after Denison?

Our graduates are high achievers, and we follow our students careers with pride and support. We have studio art graduates studying in graduate schools across the country, teaching in public and private schools, working as professional artists, designers, art therapists, outreach and activism coordinators, administrators in the arts, architects, and more.