Employers & Job Titles
  • Account Executive, Yelp
  • Art Teacher, Berwick Academy
  • Creative Marketing Manager, Scarpetta Shoes
  • Digital Designer, Converse
  • Eco-Art Educator, Artist Boat, Inc
  • Freelance Artist, Self-Employed
  • Graphic Designer, Self-Employed
  • Instructor of Residence Life, Interlochen Center for the Arts
  • Intake Specialist, Cowan's Auction House
  • Media Intern, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Studio Assistant, Mirror Palais
  • Studio Programs and Outreach Coordinator, Columbus Museum of Art
  • Studio Workshop Assistant, Columbus Museum of Art
Graduate Schools & Programs
  • Cleveland State University, Medical Illustration, MFA
  • Cranbrook Academy of Art, MFA, Sculpture, PFA
  • The Ohio State University, Photography, MFA

“I moved to NYC right after Denison. I contacted one of the visiting Artist whom I met during my time in Denison, and he offered me an internship position at an independent print shop operated within the university he taught at. I met many established artists through working there, and learned to print and proof their work, and also met many other young artist friends. I went to graduate school after a few years, where I chose an interdisciplinary program and curriculum. This choice was shaped by my time at Denison, I was really shaped by the liberal art education, where you are encouraged to study different interests within and beyond the art department. I find that a contemporary art practice combines different knowledge, discipline, and interests and a broad education is necessary. I believe Denison introduced me to, and provided me with the foundation of research practice that I pursue today.”

Yue Nakayama '12 Artist based in Houston