Electronic Transcript Service

Denison University has partnered with Parchment Award Transcript Services to provide students and alumni with an online ordering system through a secure website. Denison Registrar’s Office will still offer traditional transcript service free of charge, which involves the ordering process on this page and the release of transcripts on paper, via US mail, or for pick up in the Registrar’s Office.

You now have the option of an electronic copy of your transcript that can be sent as an email to you or the recipient of your choice as a secure encrypted document. The new service has a $3.00 fee for each transaction. It is guaranteed safe and offers follow ups on delivery. The service fee is for all standard electronic transcripts—and for an additional fee, you will be able to request paper copies via mail, express domestic, and international service via express carriers.

Transcript Ordering for Students

All currently enrolled students and students within a year of last enrollment period can order electronic and paper copies by logging into their MyDenison account.

  1. Log on to MyDenison
  2. Go to the Teaching and Learning tab
  3. Once there, go to Transcript Request under Registrar Resources
  4. You have two options:
    • order electronic and/or paper copies through Parchment Award Transcript Services
    • order directly through the Registrar’s Office (free of charge - paper copies only)

Transcript Ordering for Alumni

For more information on transcript ordering options as a former Denison student without a MyDenison account, please visit the Request a Transcript page on alumni.denison.edu.

Policy Overview

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the maintenance of student academic records and the issuing of academic transcripts. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-568) (also known as FERPA or the “Buckley Amendment”) personnel in the Office of the Registrar will issue transcripts only upon the written consent of the student. The few and rare exceptions to this directive are outlined in the legislation and have been shared with students in a policy statement included with registration materials each fall semester.

The following principles govern the issuance of transcripts and should be of interest to requestors:

  • There are no Denison charges for the issuance of transcripts.
  • “Holds” may be placed on the issuance of transcripts if the student has unpaid financial obligations to the institution. However, a student has the right to access a transcript for purposes of seeking employment regardless of whether that student owes an institutional debt. Contact the Student Accounts office at 740-587-6274 to resolve holds and/or discuss payment options.
  • Transcripts are processed in the order they are received. Unless you have an outstanding financial obligation to the College or other hold on your record, your request will be processed within 48 hours, except during office peak times and high volume. Processing time does not reflect delivery time.
  • Due to confidentiality concerns, we do not fax transcripts out.
  • If your name has changed since you attended Denison University, be sure to inform the recipient of your previous names. This will assist them when matching the transcript to your file.