The Queer Studies Program is excited to offer Queer Night in the Fall 2019, a community gathering open to all faculty, students, and staff! The lineup of films is below. Each film will be in Bryant 305 and begin at 6:30pm.

  • September 4: Rafiki
  • September 11: Chavela
  • September 25: Eve’s Bayou
  • October 2: Tucked
  • October 16: Worried About the Boy
  • October 23: Border
  • October 30: The Skin I Live In
  • November 6: Tongues Untied
  • November 20: Rocketman
  • December 4: A Fantastic Woman

Students: please note that Queer Night can be taken for academic credit (course description below)! If you’re not enrolled this semester, keep an eye out for future opportunities. And remember, even if you’re not enrolled in the course, you’re still welcome to attend the films.

QS 238 - Queer Night (1 Credit Hour): This course explores issues in Queer Studies through weekly discussions, often but not exclusively centered around fiction and documentary films selected and screened by faculty and students, as well as readings and other materials to provoke thought and discussion. One of the purposes of this course is to provide students a venue in which to discuss the meanings of sex, gender identity, gender performance, gender roles, and sexual orientation—both in their relationships to each other and their intersections with race, ethnicity, class, religion, culture, and location. Such relationships are central to the themes of the topics course materials selected each semester. The course further seeks to bring a diverse group of faculty and staff together with students to engage in conversation and to learn collaboratively about concepts and themes in Queer Studies. Students may enroll in Queer Night multiple times since the films screened and materials assigned will be different each semester.

September 20, 2019