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Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Denison faculty and staff colleagues:

Denison Libraries and the Provost's Office have combined forces, and Denison has joined over 50 liberal arts colleges who are changing the face of scholarly publishing with a new press, the Lever Press. Becky Welzenbach, Director of Strategic Integration and Partnerships at Michigan Publishing will join us on campus, Thursday, October 27, for a faculty lunch event, 11:30 am-1 pm in the Barney-Davis Boardroom. Please join us on the 27th to learn more and consider whether you would like to publish with Lever Press.

As a born-digital publisher, Lever Press looks to feature works of research that take advantage of online formats to offer scholarship impossible to convey adequately in print form. These works will highlight original scholarship emerging out of the Digital Liberal Arts, applying digital methods to a wide range of academic disciplines
and interdisciplinary explorations. New Frontiers in the Digital Liberal Arts functions as the Lever Press laboratory for innovation, open to new models of scholarly knowledge, digital dissemination, forms of peer review, integration of data and other sources, and collaborative engagement.

The Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Archive at Middlebury College and the Kuna Indian or Burmese works housed in the Denison Museum are just two of many examples of the remarkable materials held by many liberal arts colleges. Lever Press welcomes interdisciplinary studies of a specific collection, and encourages thematic studies across institutional collections that promote collaboration and illustrate our
connections. Of particular interest are as-yet unexplored narratives of communities, movements, and populations whose voices have been marginalized and excluded.

Liberal arts colleges have played a distinctive, leadership role in the development of American higher education. Lever Press seeks to publish work that highlights excellence in teaching and the strategies that enable transformational student development, including through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. We will also feature contributions from academic leadership to critically reflect upon the present and future state of liberal arts education, providing a forum for both constructive self-reflection and leadership for policy makers, administrators, trustees, graduates, and others who care about sustaining and improving upon the liberal arts college tradition.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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