Teddy Reedy ’21 talks about his Senior Recital “Behind the Mask”, guitar and composition, and the culmination of being an arts major at Denison.

What are your majors and what drew you to them?

I am a Major in Music Composition and a Double Minor in French and Economics. For music, playing guitar, learning music theory, and composing led me to wanting to major in composition. For French, I have taken French since I was 10, so it has just become accustom to my schedule. For Economics, I took Micro and Macro for my own knowledge, and ended up really liking the concepts.

Can you tell us about a favorite class or professor?

I’d say that my favorite class at Denison would have to be Music Theory. I really enjoyed learning the theory behind music, and my Professor, Dr. Rogers, did a great job at teaching it. In high school, my favorite class was guitar ensemble. My professor, Christopher Kuzmanoff, really influenced my musical aspirations, and without his course, I would not be where I am today.

What is the premise and inspiration of your senior recital?

For my senior recital, I play my album “Behind the Mask” that consists of 16 songs for guitar. A mix of stories are told throughout, from my own personal stories, to fictional stories. The common tone in each story is that things are not as they seem, hence, the name “Behind the Mask.” The recital incorporates artwork to help tell the stories visually. This art is projected behind me; thus, the art and music work together to set the tone.

How has COVID impacted your senior recital and being a major in the arts in general?

The biggest impact that COVID has had on my senior recital is that it limits the number of people that can attend in person. This has made me think outside of the box in trying to find a way to get more people to be able to see it live. Therefore, the pandemic has actually led me to put more of an emphasis on utilizing livestream and social media as a gateway for the concert. As an art major in general, COVID has most definitely impacted my ability to attend concerts, which is something I have done regularly throughout my 4 years at Denison.

What are you learning about yourself through the experience of producing your senior recital?

This process has helped me trust my own skills more. I now know that I am capable of being able to put on a variety of hats, from a musical hat, to a leadership hat. This experience will influence me to fill my future with more creative activities and leadership roles.

March 30, 2021