Music Department Awards

The following awards are given by consensus of the Music Department faculty based upon qualification and effort exhibited within the department. They are mostly annual awards.

  • The Laura Craytor Boulton Scholarship is awarded to a student who has interests in ethnomusicology. The fellowship may be used for field work or for studies at Denison. The fund was established by a member of the class of 1920 who became an internationally acclaimed ethnomusicologist and one of the world’s renowned authorities on African music. Denison awarded her an honorary doctorate in 1965.
  • The Gertrude Carharrt Brelsford Scholarship is given to a student of sophomore rank or above who demonstrates a high standard of scholarship and who has shown evidence of musical talent.
  • The Karl Eschman Scholarships are awarded in memory of Dr. Eschman 1911, longtime Director of the Conservatory of Music. These are given to upper-class music students on the basis of performance ability and commitment, although financial need is also a consideration The George K. Goulding Memorial Scholarship is governed by no special restrictions and is hereby eligible to whomever the Music Department faculty chooses.
  • The Eliza Smart Shepardson Scholarship is reserved for a needy female active in the Department of Music.
  • The Gayle Ingraham Smith Scholarship is awarded annually to students majoring in violin or piano.
  • The Stephen D. Tuttle Memorial Scholarship honors a distinguished alumnus Of 1929. It is awarded to a “worthy music student upon recommendation of The Department of Music.”
  • Estelle King Van Beuren Endowed Memorial Scholarships are awarded to students who plan to major in music. The awards based on talent as well as financial need are renewable for all four years of the student’s work at Denison. Virginia Van Beuren of the Class of 1933 established this fund in Honor of her mother, who as a keyboardist was granted a Conservatory Diploma in 1903.

Music Scholarships and Prizes

The Music Department, in cooperation with generous donors, offers a variety of financial assistance opportunities to deserving students, be they upper or lower classmen, or accepted applicants to the University. Awards for the coming calendar year are announced every Spring semester.

  • Fine Arts Scholarships The following awards are competitive, between Fine Arts departments of dance, theater, cinema, art, and music. The competitions include a series of auditions before the fine Arts faculty and the submission of one or more letters of recommendation, as well as a portfolio or documentation of your creative work at Denison.
  • Foster G. McGaw Scholarship ($5,000) Awarded to two upper-class students in the arts annually on the basis of a performance audition, portfolio, or film, plus previous experience, leadership ability, and academic excellence. A minimum G.P.A. of 3.4 is a required of all awardees. Winners are chosen through faculty recommendation, a dossier of artistic contribution to the fine arts, and through competitive audition in March or April.
  • Vail Scholarship in the Arts ($1,200) Awarded to ten upper-class students in the arts annually on the basis of a performance audition, portfolio, or film, plus previous experience and general academic ability. A G.P.A. of at least 3.0 is required of all awardees. Winners are selected through an annual competition in March or April.
  • Mary G. and G. Harold Osborne ($6,000) Awarded to ten upper-class students in the arts annually on the basis of a performance audition, portfolio, or film, plus previous experience and general academic ability. Achievement of a minimum of the all-college cumulative academic average, and a minimum GPA in the performance area of 3.2. Winners are selected through an annual competition in the spring.
  • The Gwendolyn C. Martin Scholarship goes to full time students in the Fine Arts with preference given to students in Music who have financial need.
  • Marimac Scholarships are awarded on the basis of ability and financial need. They may be awarded to students active in any of the four arts departments.

Merit – Based Awards

The following scholarships are given strictly on the basis of merit.

  • The Sam Gelfer Music Award is given to one or more students, irrespective of race, creed, or color, preferably to players of stringed instruments, provided they have demonstrated excellence in music and have contributed through their music to the University and the community. Mr. Gelfer, a violinist and conductor, was a member of the faculty from 1925 until 1960.
  • The Arthur Judson Prize in Music is awarded annually to a graduating senior for general achievement while at Denison with preference given to those students choosing or planning a career in music management or music administration. Mr. Judson was Director of the Conservatory of Music at Denison in the early years of the 19th century prior to his prominent career as manager of orchestras in both Philadelphia and New York and then as impresario on charge of his own New York-based concert agency, presenting a whole array of famous performers.
  • The Fannie Judson Farrar Memorial Music Award is given to the most promising and worthy student in piano. The prize marks the memory of a woman who taught piano at Denison from 1904 to 1937.
  • The Earl Murphy Music Award is giving to the most promising and worthy student in Bluegrass. This award is given in the memory of our own Department of Music Professor, Dr. Andrew Carlson’s grandfather, Mr. Earl Murphy, who was an acclaimed Georgia fiddler. Mr. Murphy played Bluegrass Music all his life up until his death in 2011 at the age of 93.
  • Applied Music Scholarships Deserving students enrolled in a large musical ensemble who show promise in their first semester at Denison shall be eligible for an applied music scholarship good towards the cost of private lessons at Denison. The scholarship will be reviewed for renewal or rejection at the end of every semester. The number of awards will be contingent upon the amount of money available in the fund.

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