Dr. Ludwig Wins MAA Teaching Award

Computer Science Mathematics
September 15, 2013

In April, the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) recognized Dr. Lew Ludwig with the 2013 Ohio Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. Dr. Ludwig is now eligible for the prestigious national Haimo Award - the highest teaching honor bestowed by the MAA.

In the award announcement, a former student said Dr. Ludwig is “an excellent mentor, an exceptional teacher of mathematics and he is always looking for ways to more effectively engage students, both those who love math and those who don’t.” A current student commented “From the very first time a student sits down in a class run by Dr. Ludwig, they can sense that it will be unlike other math classrooms they have been in before” and that he “puts the responsibility on his students to gain a sense of academic curiosity and a passion for coming to class for learning how to do the problems they are asked to try on their own the night before.”