We are celebrating our students who completed research projects in the International Studies department. Here is the list of students and their research titles:

  • Ramsey Ellis Bristol, From Contested Spaces to Shared Spaces: Reimaging and Reimagining Public Art and Public Space in Northern Ireland
  • Adam Cromwell, Middle Eastern Geopolitics in the Jordanian Premier League: Palestinian Nationalism, Soccer, and the Refugees of Jordan
  • Fatimah Elghazawi, The (Muslim) French Woman as a Site of National Intervention: The Politics of Identity, Sexuality and Feminism in Modern-Day France
  • Alexa Helm, Framing Stakeholder Perspectives Regarding the Introduction of Salmon Aquaculture to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
  • Liza Higley, Feeding Political Violence: Fostering Distrust and the Continued Existence of Spain’s Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) Terrorist Group
  • Alethea Jadick, The Consequences of Criminalization in American Prisons: Exploring the Normalization of Mass Incarceration
  • Martha Kamikazi, Health Equity and HIV Prevention Programs for Female Sex Workers in the Context of Botswana’s National Response to the HIV Epidemic
  • Allyson Krupa, Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A Comparative Case Study of Fashion Firms in the United Kingdom and France
  • Pak McCollum, The Japanese Response to a Growing Chinese Soft Power through Education Development in Cambodia
  • Chloe Pruett, What Factors Influence the Differential Diffusion of Nuclear Energy? The Cases of France and Germany
  • Sara Abou Rashed, “Similarities, But Not Sameness’’: Transnational Solidarity-Building from Palestine to Black American Streets in the Ferguson and George Floyd Protests
  • Mark McFadden Reid, Sustainable Development and Climate Change in Tajikistan: A Post-Soviet Perspective
  • Madeline Sargent, The Constitution of Linguistic and Cultural Identity in Regional Spain
  • Sarah Schubert, Tren Maya: Diverging Conceptions of Land and Resources in the Yucatán Peninsula
  • Sophia Yelim Shin, Unheard Stories of Korean Comfort Women: Impact of Park’s Dictatorship on Domestic Discourse Around Survivors
  • Elena Smith, South China Sea Media Analysis: The Use of History in Narration
  • Kathleen Tese, Refugee Integration and Greek Law: The Greek Government’s Institutionalized Religious Fundamentalism and its Impact on Muslim Refugees
June 8, 2021