Challenges Paradigms and Methodologies

International Studies complements and challenges paradigms and methodologies of traditional majors as well as existing interdisciplinary programs. For the liberal arts student, international studies will help them situate their interests within broad historical and geographical terms. A major in International Studies provides students from all programmatic backgrounds with the tools they need to situate themselves as informed citizens in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.

Our broad mission is threefold:

  • To produce educated citizens who can understand and work within the context of these processes,
  • To create an intellectual environment which can sustain innovative, cutting-edge, curriculum development and research, and
  • To make the boundaries between Denison and “the world” far more permeable than they are currently through increased off-campus opportunities for Denison students and faculty (that are closely tied to curricular priorities) and through the presence of international scholars, artists, and students on our campus.