Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport no longer has airplanes arriving and departing, but rather refugees. The gigantic facility is a public park (with gardens, a baseball diamond and mini-golf) and also is Germany’s largest emergency shelter for asylum seekers. The film follows Qutaiba, a 35 year-old from Iraq and Ibrahim, an 18 year-old refugee from Syria. The documentary chronicles a year in the lives of refugees in the ad hoc village, as they have medical exams, German lessons, and social service interviews in hopes of being granted residency.

Directed by Karim Aïnouz, this 2018 film is an award-winning portrait of a building and its transient inhabitants, showing the state of emergency of modern society and the institutional reconstitution of human lives.

The film is 97 minutes long. All are welcome!

January 28, 2019