Each year, thanks to the generous support of donors, the English Department holds a student writing competition judged by our faculty and open to all Denison students. We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s competition.

For the Annie MacNeill Poetry Prize, Malina Infante placed first, followed by Sofia Miller in second, Brin Glass and Eliana Lazzaro in third, and Fiona Kogan as an honorable mention.

For the Robert T. Wilson Award for Scholarly Writing, Olivia Bernard placed first, followed by Maggie Malin in second, and Cassidy Crane and Rene Garrett in third.

For the Danner Lee Mahood Award for Fiction, Madeline Wolf placed first, followed by Cordero L.M. Estremera in second, and Charles I. Vogelsgesang in third.

For the Danner Lee Mahood Award for Creative Nonfiction, Moriah Aberle placed first, followed by Sophie LeMay in second, and Kt Amrine and Eric Wharton in third.

Finally, for the Danner Lee Mahood Award for Critical Writing, Thu Nguyen placed first, followed by Lauren Dyer in second, and Ava Reischuck in third.

On Wednesday, April 12, at 4:30 p.m., in the Barney-Davis Boardroom, winners of our writing competition will read selections from their prize-winning entries. The English Department welcomes members of the college community to come out and support the excellent work of these nineteen students.

April 7, 2023