Prof. Michael Croley on being Asian American in Appalachia


Prof. Michael Croley

A Columbus Dispatch article recently featured Assistant Professor Michael Croley, interrogating his identity as an Asian American from Appalachia.

The article notes:

“The son of a Korean American mother and white, Appalachian father, Croley has been shaped by a unique combination of cultures. He has explored this reality through essays for publications including The Paris Review Daily, and his 2019 short story collection, ‘Any Other Place: Stories.’

“’It’s really important people know that I’m Korean because I’m really proud of my mom,’ said Croley, 43, of New Albany, who is an assistant professor of English and Journalism at Denison University in Granville. “I’m proud of the way she weathered these storms to be here and raise a family. I’m very proud of being from Appalachia, too.’

Later this year, Croley will edit an anthology of Asian Americans in Appalachia.

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Thursday, May 20, 2021

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