ENX Magazine features a profile of Dan Meyer ‘85 - economics major and president and co-founder of Impact Networking.

The article notes:

When Dan Meyer graduated from Denison University with an economics degree in 1985, he knew very little about technology and even less about the office dealer industry. In fact, the only reason he landed his first job selling Savin copiers was that he knew someone who worked at a dealership.

But the president and co-founder of Impact Networking built a $140 million empire in Lake Forest, Illinois, during a 20-year stretch on the strength of the old Zig Ziglar aphorism, “You don’t build a business—you build people and then people build the business.” Meyer, along with CEO and co-founder Frank Cucco, fostered a culture of employee development and rapid career advancement at Impact Networking, knowing that as team members go, so does the fortunes of the dealership.

There’s little arguing with the results. By recognizing extraordinary behavior and results while developing and enforcing an activities-driven sales process, Impact Network has been able to maintain 27% year-over-year growth for 20 years. You won’t find a Bart Simpson-type among the staff, as adding and developing overachievers is the dealer’s secret sauce.

November 16, 2020