Student work is being published through a unique a partnership between a Black Studies course, “Insider/Outsider - The Genealogy of Black LGBT History,” and Prizm magazine, which serves LGBTQ+ people across Ohio.

Each week, Prizm magazine is publishing a student article that references a course reading as it relates to the Black LGBTQ+ community. They cover popular topics and conversations related to black queer persons.

The course is led by Terrance Dean, a post-doctoral fellow, who is accessing his prior experience as a writer for public media and as a former executive at MTV.

Students are putting their critical thinking and writing skills to use and they are learning to shape and cultivate their public voice. As they write for popular and mainstream publications, engage in public debate, and discourse, they span such topics as: celebrities, entertainment, art, literature, health, activism, education, law, HIV/AIDS, and social justice.

October 18, 2019