Astronomy Minor

Minimum requirements for a Minor in Astronomy are:

ASTR 100Current Topics in Astronomy
ASTR 125Principles of Physics I: Quarks to Cosmos
or PHYS 125 Principles of Physics I: Quarks to Cosmos
PHYS 121General Physics I
or PHYS 126 Principles of Physics II
PHYS 122General Physics II
or PHYS 127 Principles of Physics III
ASTR 300Astrophysics
Plus an Astronomy Elective at the 200-level or above.

Students who have taken PHYS 121 - General Physics I or PHYS 122 - General Physics II should consult with the Chair about requirements. The experimental course, ASTR 312 - Experimental Physics, may be modified to reflect the student's interest in Astronomy. Early consultation with the Department is imperative. See the Physics Department section of the catalog.  Any courses used to satisfy the upper-level elective requirement for the Physics major (BA or BS) or for the Physics minor may not also be used to satisfy the Astronomy minor.