What Happens after a Workshop on New Technology in the Arts?

Market Imaginary explores the imaginary in the space, history, aesthetic and artistic practice in Dakar, Senegal.

At a recent Tuesday Lunch Series event, Joanna Grabski and Christian Faur discussed their recent collaboration on the documentary film, Market Imaginary (2012).

The film is very much a product of the possibilities of the liberal arts environment and Denison’s resources in collaborative technology. Based on research conducted in Dakar, Senegal, the film was produced using resources at Denison following a series of workshops dealing with new technology in the arts. Both in subject and media, the film crosses boundaries and represents new directions in teaching and research.

Joanna and Christian discussed various aspects of their collaboration including how the research material was visualized as a film; the complexities of composing the narrative; and the creative process for individuals working outside of their usual medium of expression.

May 3, 2013