Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy

Associate Professor
Chair of Health, Exercise, and Sport Studies
Position Type
- Present

Dr. Kennedy joined the faculty at Denison in 1992 following completion of a four-year post-doctoral fellowship in behavioral immunology at Ohio State’s College of Medicine.  Dr. Kennedy teaches Physiological Psychology, Psychopharmacology, and Introductory Psychology, and is co-advisor to Denison’s newly-formed Neuroscience Concentration.

B.A., M.A., Florida Atlantic University; Ph.D., Ohio State University



My research interests are focused in two general areas of behavioral neuroscience and psychopharmacology.  The first area is concerned with how animals' behavioral responses to stimulant drugs such as amphetamine might abe modified by previous drug experience.  This work has implications for models of "addiction," which maintain that early experiences (such as stress) may make an organism "at risk" for later stimulant addiction.  Secondly, I am interested in the historical and cultural contributions to current drug policy, and the role of science versus popular culture in defining public policy regarding licit and illicit drugs.


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Student Collaborations
  • Perlman, J. & Kennedy, S. Sensitization to amphetamine in the developing rat pup. (submitted for presentation at the Midwestern Psychological Association Meeting, April, 1999)
  • Hersman, M.N., Freeman, J.E. & Kennedy, S. (May, 1997) Short-term chronic fluoxetine treatment increases wheel-running of rats in the activity-stress paradigm.  Midwestern Psychological Association Meeting, Chicago, IL.
  • Perry, L. & Kennedy, S. (November, 1996) Endocrine responses to a metabolic stressor in the developing rat: Role of litter and maternal influences.  International Society for Neuroimmunomodulation, Bethesda, MD.
  • Kennedy, S., Collier, A.C., Bilio, D. & Perry, L. (April, 1996) Comparative effects of social and metabolic stressors during development: Role of age and maternal influences following reunion.  Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society Meeting, Santa Monica, CA.
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  • Molnar, S.A. & Kennedy, S. 2-deoxy-D-glucose modulation of hypothalamic norepinephrine in the developing rat pup.  (November, 1994).  Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society, Key Biscayne, FL.


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