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As a math major at Oberlin College, I set a career goal to be a liberal arts college professor. After completing my degree in Operations Research at Georgia Tech, I joined Denison in 2017. As a teacher, I try to excite and inspire students and to demonstrate the diverse ways data is used today and will be used in the future. If you take a class with me, you may see a collection of statistical and mathematical puzzles, riddles, and games that build out-of-the-box thinking necessary for problem solving. As a researcher, I believe in interdisciplinary collaborations that simultaneously solve real world problems and expand mathematical concepts. I enjoy working with students on research projects of their own choosing or introducing them to my work in the healthcare field. Prior students I have mentored have gone on to graduate school and won academic grants. I live with my wife Ondrea and our variety of reptile and mammal pets. I have a massive bo ard game collection, enjoy nature hikes, and hope to open a pizza shop after retiring.

Ph.D. Operations Research Georgia Tech 2018, M.S. Operations Research Georgia Tech 2015, B.A. Mathematics Oberlin College 2011

Learning & Teaching

  • DA 101
  • DA 350
  • DA 401
  • Math 242


I use tools from data analytics, optimization, probability and stochastics, mathematical modeling, data science, statistics, and simulation to solve problems of social good and healthcare.

Collaborating with medical professionals, I have developed data-driven mathematical models of blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. I have improved risk prediction models and built tools to recommend optimal blood pressure treatments. My current work monitors blood pressure measurements from wearables or other smart devices and develops statistical algorithms to recommend when users should consult a doctor and consider blood pressure medication.


  • Bonifonte, Anthony, Ayer, T., Veledar, E., Clark, A., & Wilson, P. W. “Antecedent blood pressure as a predictor of cardiovascular disease.” Journal of the American Society of Hypertension (2015) 9(9): 690-696.
  • Ayer, T., Zhang, C., Bonifonte, A., Spaulding, A., & Chhatwal, J. “Prioritizing Hepatitis C Treatment in U.S. Prisons” To appear in Operations Research.
  • Bonifonte, Anthony, Ayer, T., Haaland, B., & Wilson, P. W. “Analytics in Blood Pressure Management and Control: From Data to Decisions” Under review.
  • Bonifonte, Anthony, Xie, Y., & Ayer, T. “Mobile Health for Chronic Disease Management: A Changepoint Detection Approach”. Pending submission.
  • Bonifonte, Anthony, Zhou, T. “Taking Out the Guesswork: Analytics in Police Traffic Stop Contraband Searches”. Work in progress.


Honors & Awards
  • Graduate Instructor of the Year, Georgia Tech 2015
  • Best Healthcare Student Paper, 2nd place, IISE, 2017
  • Pierskalla Best Paper Award, Finalist, INFORMS 2016
Student Collaborations

Tong Zhou, ‘20