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Opened in 2022, the Ann and Thomas Hoaglin Wellness Center is the hub of Denison’s holistic approach to well-being.
Four Denison roommates reunited in October 2022 for 26.2 miles of memories, blisters, and hope.

Chris DeVille

Schultz, a USA Today columnist and author of the bestselling The Daughters of Erietown, begins as Professor of Practice in Journalism August 2023.
Parents and alumni explored campus, attended special functions and sporting events, and walked down to the village to catch up on life at Denison.
Prof. Alan Miller has been honored for his lifetime of contribution to the journalism profession.
via Society of Professional Journalists
As he celebrates his 30th year as part of the Denison faculty, Porcheddu-Engel remains as enthusiastic as the day he arrived as a student.
The signature Denison Edge project tasks participants with designing strategies to tackle complex problems facing select Columbus businesses.
Dr. Kimberly Becher ‘02, a small town practitioner, illustrates the intensity of the life of a doctor and why they suffer high burnout rates.
via New York Times
The university’s accomplishments have led to a growing recognition of Denison’s place among the country’s top liberal arts colleges.
As Denison’s new AVP of People and Culture, Janine Watkins brings a vision for innovation and strategic organization to The Hill.
Professor Toni King remembers friend and fellow Denison faculty member Terrance Dean, Ph.D.
via Columbus Dispatch
This 24-hour improv show is an extreme bonding experience, a great way to get close to your friends, and a big opportunity to work toward a common goal

Bridget Welch ’22

The explosion of data and the need for those who can build predictive models and communicate the findings have never been greater.

Tom Reed

“The work of learning in college is hard,” says Prof. Karen Spierling “But the learning parts are meant to be hard. Otherwise, what is the point?”
via Grown and Flown
The Ann and Thomas Hoaglin Wellness Center, Denison’s new home for wellness, opens its doors to students, faculty, and staff.
We live in tough times, and colleges must help students develop skills and habits to cope.
Each summer, endowed funds support 120 to 140 students pursuing research under the supervision of a faculty member for up to 10 weeks
Sophie Bittner ‘22 publishes study about students with disabilities and their access to academic support in college.