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Michael Angelo ’19 Honored for Service

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May 9, 2019

Ohio Campus Compact, a nonprofit membership organization of 41 Ohio colleges and universities, announces that Denison University’s Michael Angelo ’19, an environmental studies major and an educational studies minor, is a recipient of the 2019 Charles J. Ping Student Service Award. The annual award recognizes and honors undergraduate students for their outstanding leadership and contributions to community service or service-learning on their campus and within their community.

Angelo discovered Denison Venture Philanthropy (DVP) during a tour as a prospective student. From an endowed gift, DVP is able to award a local nonprofit organization with a $10,000 grant, as well as 300 service hours directed toward a capacity building project every year. “I knew that if I ended up at Denison, I wanted to be involved with this organization,” says Angelo.

Angelo joined DVP and it taught him some of the basics of the inner workings of nonprofits, such as identifying how operational structures can significantly benefit from additional funding, the need for volunteers in several areas, as well as the specific needs of the community they touch.

“The biggest benefit I received from DVP was through developing an understanding of the needs of the community and the services local organizations offered,” says Angelo, who worked directly with several organizations through interviews and direct service. “I became a part of the community beyond the campus.”

During his sophomore year, Angelo was elected president. “This was one of my first serious leadership roles, and it was a daunting task. However, understanding the benefit of my own experience in the organization, both personally and the effect on the community, I was able to empower members of the organization to think critically about their position in the community and make an impact.”

He adds, “My involvement and leadership in DVP eventually led me to serving on the board of the umbrella service organization on campus. In this role I have used my own experiences with service on campus to empower students across the student body to act in their community. Every community partner I have interacted with has expressed their gratitude for Denison’s work in the community, and I am honored to have been able to participate and empower other students to act in their community.”

“Over the course of an academic year, Ohio colleges and universities offer many opportunities for students to participate in civic life. While many students participate in civic activities and experiences, a few rise above others in their commitment and leadership to community service. Ohio Campus Compact is pleased to recognize nine outstanding student civic leaders with the Charles J. Ping Award this year,” says Richard Kinsley, executive director of Ohio Campus Compact.

The Charles J. Ping Student Service Award recognition is granted annually to one undergraduate per Ohio Campus Compact member institution.

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