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Denison National Leader for Prestigious Gilman Scholarships

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December 7, 2017

Denison announces the college is second in the nation among liberal arts colleges for students who were awarded the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships to study abroad. Eight students from Denison will study abroad in Australia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Spain and South Africa in the spring of 2018 as beneficiaries of these scholarships. Students experience in-depth learning of language and culture through study abroad — and they also experience enduring benefits for their careers, experimental thinking processes and networks

“Global experiences are gaining in importance as businesses and organizations become even more international,” said Denison University President Adam Weinberg. “The Gilman Scholarships give our students the opportunity for immersive experiences that deepen language and cultural understanding, heighten personal growth, and open and expand career networks. About 80 percent of our students take advantage of fantastic opportunities to study off-campus, whether within the U.S. or abroad. Denison unlocks the potential of our students.”

The college’s excellent academic program creates exceptionally strong candidates for these scholarships. A combination of rigorous academics and significant learning experiences gives Denison students the ability to develop the skills, values, habits and networks to launch into successful and meaningful professions.

“Denison students have access to many resources to help them expand their intellectual curiosity and learning experiences,” said Margot Singer, associate professor of English and director of the Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement. “Our students have great success in receiving international scholarships such as the Gilman, Fulbright and National Science Foundation Scholarships. We also have an award-winning summer research program, a wide range of intellectual programs that bring faculty and students together over shared interests, and generous funding to support students and faculty in their scholarship.” She added, “Scholarly life at Denison is robust, far-reaching and truly exciting.”

A Denison education is built on a foundation of academic prestige and lasting relationships. The college creates pathways for students quickly to make friends and find mentors. A career exploration mindset that is part of the campus culture means that throughout their time on campus, students are figuring out the kind of lives they want to lead and building the support structures to create those lives. The success of Denison alumni is proof that this unique approach works. Within six months of graduation, nearly 90 percent of alumni are employed, in graduate school, or completing post-graduate service. And after five years, 96 percent of alumni report being in their desired field or position or on their way to achieving what they hope to accomplish professionally.

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