Newly renovated, Beth Eden houses the Office of the President, Provost, Finance & Management, Business Services, and Registrar.
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Use Administrative
Established 1903
Style Details Frame house in Federal Revival style.

More about Beth Eden

The land where Beth Eden stands was first acquired in 1889 from Fletcher O. Marsh, professor of mathematics and acting president of the university from 1873 - 1875. The Marsh house was then torn down and the new home or “President’s Mansion” was built in 1901. The first president to live in the house, Emory W. Hunt (1901-1912), unofficially named the house “Beth Eden” after the Massachusetts’ church where he and his wife were married. The house was converted to the Admission center in the early 1970s and the name “Beth Eden,” meaning “House of Peace,” was made official.

In 2023, Beth Eden was renovated once again. The former president’s home is now home to the Office of the President, as well as several members of the college’s senior staff. The main entrance is now conveniently located on the adjoining parking circle. A new wing that references Beth Eden’s traditional architecture is linked to the original building by a modern glass structure.


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Departments, Offices, Programs & Services

Accounting — 3rd Floor
Business Services — 3rd Floor
Controller's Office — 2nd & 3rd Floor
Finance & Management — 2nd Floor
President's Office — 2nd Floor
Provost's Office — 1st Floor
Purchasing — 3rd Floor
Registrar — 1st Floor

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