DU investing in more internships & new academic programs

April 3, 2015

A leader among the nation’s finest residential liberal arts colleges, Denison University has long been known as a front runner in high-end faculty mentored student research. Now, Denison is announcing that it will devote significant additional resources to fully funded domestic and international summer internships, allowing the college to provide paid career-exploration and research opportunities for nearly one third of its students.

“Students will be able to do everything from exploring careers with financial firms in the U.S. to working with NGOs in Africa. It’s very exciting,” said Denison Vice President for Student Development Laurel Kennedy.

The college will add $5 million to its already robust endowment for summer research and internship programs. The college also will allocate another $5 million to support the addition of new academic programs at the college. These initiatives are the result of a $10 million grant to Denison from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation in support of the college’s institutional priorities.

“Needless to say, I am extraordinarily grateful for this support for Denison’s initiatives,” said Denison President Adam Weinberg. “The Sherman Fairchild Foundation has long been an extremely loyal and generous supporter of the college. These funds will support exciting new work being done by our faculty on new curricular initiatives, while also propelling Denison to the forefront of paid summer internship programs.”

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