Inside Academics at Denison

June 4, 2015

The buzz on the street gets it right: Our professors are the best. They are at the center of Denison's position as a national leader in both student engagement and academic rigor.

Denison's faculty are world-class researchers, dedicated teachers and mentors. They choose to be at Denison because they enjoy working closely with their students. They're smart and approachable, and they inspire great things, making a significant difference in their students' personal, professional and civic lives.

We asked a few of our professors to talk about academics at Denison. It's a way to see inside our classrooms, labs and studios — to get a sense of why teaching and learning are just better here, why relationships and mentoring matter so much, and why Denison graduates are better prepared to thrive.

Check out the video. And to apply, learn more about our generous financial aid, or schedule a campus visit, go to Denison Admission and Financial Aid.