The Global Studies Seminar presents Wade Litt.

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The Global Studies Seminar presents “Work Motivations of Liberal Arts Graduates” by Denison University’s Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics Wade Litt.

Litt uses the 2019 National Survey of College Graduates (NSCG) to conduct a study of what job characteristics are important to those majoring in liberal arts disciplines and those graduating from liberal arts universities, regardless of major. These job traits include salary, benefits, job security, job location, opportunities for advancement, intellectual challenge, level of responsibility, degree of independence, and contribution to society. According to the 1994 Carnegie Classification definition, Liberal Arts universities emphasize baccalaureate programs, have relatively selective admission policies, and award more than forty percent of their degrees in liberal arts fields including English, foreign languages, biological sciences, mathematics, philosophy and religion, physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Using theory from education economics and peer effects and data from the NSCG, Litt compares work motivations across fields of study and across Carnegie Classifications to help identify whether liberal arts graduates value the ideals which their alma maters aimed to instill.

Litt holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Economics from The Ohio State University and is currently an Economics professor at Denison University. He teaches courses in Micro, Macro, and Labor Economics, and has a decade of experience working and researching with financial institutions and international organizations. His expertise has led to consulting projects and invited presentations across Europe, as well as in Kenya, India, and Brazil.

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