MIX Gallery presents Arin Caveney's Senior BFA show.

Notice: this information is for a past event.

Arin Caveney’s Senior BFA show. Her statement is as follows:

In the process of making my work, the experience of the body is an element that is always in the back of my mind. Direct representation has never been the goal, but rather to facilitate an experience, or rather the experience of a body. There is the physical body but then there is mind and environment. All three are connected. I’m interested in the in-between places that often escape perception.

Light, sound, and material are the most important elements of my work. Light and sound work together to make space without physically creating barriers. This speaks to the experience of the body with the exterior space. Light and sound have a physical source but they can exist outside of their source. Humans extend outside themselves in different ways as well, our experiences going beyond our physical bodies.

For more information please visit: caveneygirl2.wixsite.com/arincaveney

Flickr Images of Opening Reception

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