MIX Gallery presents the two person exhibition featuring new works from Cameron Granger and Tyler Davis.

Notice: this information is for a past event.

Dress Rehearsal is a two person exhibition featuring new works from Cameron Granger and Tyler Davis. Using lens and print based techniques the artists explore the effects of generational traumas and forced masculinity imposed within their communities. The title of the exhibition refers both to the very real dangers of the artists falling in line with the generational habits they’re trying to break, and the art making practices they employ to do so. The duo, hailing from Cleveland and Columbus respectively draw upon the refuge they found in representation in various forms of media while growing up to create the work on display. Granger, using a collage of cell phone recordings from the 2 Pac hologram’s Coachella performance dives into his relationship with the rap music that fathered him, and the heavenly and earthly fathers he could never connect to. Meanwhile Davis, using printmaking and painting techniques examines the image of a man, Kimbo Slice, built up through the media’s lens, and the fatherly duties that drove him into the lens in the first place.


Flickr Images of Opening Reception
Photo Credits: Evelyn Kendix

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