This MIX Gallery show, “Lullabies and Lineage” portrays a range of familial relationships.

Notice: this information is for a past event.

“Lullabies and Lineage” portrays a range of familial relationships, from immediate blood relatives to communities we are adopted into or choose to be a part of.

Through the hidden operations of historical power dynamics that often exist without questioning and plague family relations, this show explores aspects of secret-keeping, loss, privilege, and moments of coming-of-age. By tracing the simultaneous development of one family split in two, “Lullabies and Lineage” will demonstrate pioneer feminist art-making techniques to further uncover past beliefs and reveal unknown truths.

There also exists a transitional aspect of the exhibition. This is an ongoing exploration of art-making within the realm of family dynamics. As the show persists, the pieces will change.


Flickr Images of Opening Reception
Photo Credits: Evelyn Kendix

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