What we do: Student Outcomes

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October 5, 2014

Denison is a sum-total liberal arts educational experience that prepares our students for professional, personal and civic success. What happens in classrooms is a big part of that total, but what our students are learning outside the classroom can be just as important.

As President Adam Weinberg says, “This institution is producing whole human beings, the kind of people the world needs and the kind of people who will be successful in their personal, professional and civic lives.”

Addressing the “whole human being” is a very intentional process at Denison. We purposefully plan for all elements of that education, with co-curricular learning, residential hall programming, service-learning initiatives, and opportunities for personal growth in leadership, sustainability, entrepreneurship, as well as social and other activities that are just plain fun.

Laurel Kennedy, vice president for student development, and her team, have designed and created “Student Development Outcomes,” a book chock full of statistics, stories and outcomes that gives an overview of the possibilities that are open to our students.

The book organizes the myriad of activities through four overarching goals: Active Engagement, Personal Transformation, General Education Competencies, and Autonomous Thinking. Personal stories from our students illustrate their own experiences, and recent alums reflect on the benefits they received from their Denison education.

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