The four class deans partner with faculty in supporting students, connect and refer students to resources, and provide support to students experiencing challenges, and those who withdraw or re-enroll to the University.

Our goal is to help students to develop self-advocacy skills that prepare them for involvement in the larger community and life beyond The Hill.

Helping you to help yourself

We help students navigate university systems and policies while prioritizing their well-being and academic success. We offer:

  • Connections with faculty, staff, and other offices to ensure student needs are met.
  • Coaching and advocacy for students experiencing challenges, providing one-on-one support, including referrals and follow-up services.
  • Support for students who may need to take a medical leave of absence for physical or mental health reasons.

Class deans do not provide counseling or therapy. They develop close helping relationships with students, while coaching them toward appropriate self-care and self-advocacy. Students in need of counseling or therapy can access those services through the Hoaglin Wellness Center.