An Integral Part of All Fields of Study

Writing plays a central role in a liberal arts education. It is not a separate field of study but an integral part of all fields of study.  Effective writers exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They take intellectual risks, creatively explore different ideas, and see the connection between critical reading, thinking, and writing.
  • They regard writing as both a product and a process; they develop and refine their own habits of researching and writing, practice and incorporate techniques of drafting and revising, view writing with a critical eye, and respond adeptly to feedback from other readers.
  • They understand that writers join a larger community; they see a piece of writing as participation in a broader, ongoing conversation, and are aware of the needs of diverse audiences.

The Denison Writing Program encourages students to cultivate these habits of mind. The program develops writers who view writing as critical thinking and understand that writing is a means to explore and learn a subject. Writing is a lifelong endeavor that Denisonians carry with them and continue to nurture in their post-graduate careers.