Degree Requirements


Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


Committee: Jessica Bean (Director), Jonathan Maskit, and Heather Pool

Faculty: Andrew Barenberg (Economics), Robin Bartlett (Economics), Jessica Bean (Economics), Sohrab Behdad (Economics), David Boyd (Economics), Laura Boyd (Economics), Michael Brady (Political Science), Ted Burczak (Economics), Sam Cowling (Philosophy), Katy Crossley-Frolick (Political Science), Sue Davis (Political Science), Paul Djupe (Political Science), LuAnn Duffus (Economics), Quentin Duroy (Economics), Barbara Fultner (Philosophy), Will Georgic (Economics), Dane Imerman (Political Science), Xiao Jiang (Economics), Zarrina Juraqulova (Economics), Fadhel Kaboub (Economics), Andrew Katz (Political Science), Anthony Lisska (Philosophy), Jonathan Maskit (Philosophy), John McHugh (Philosophy), Tim Miller (Economics), Mark Moller (Philosophy), Heather Pool (Political Science), Katherine Snipes (Economics), Johan Uribe (Economics), Luis Villanueva (Economics), Steven Vogel (Philosophy), Andrea Ziegert (Economics)

Departmental Guidelines and Goals

The PPE Program enables students to pursue a rigorous course of studies exploring the important historical, methodological, and theoretical interconnections among the three indicated fields of study. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of students seeking to understand the theoretical foundations of political and economic thought.

The PPE Program is overseen by the PPE Committee comprising one faculty member from each of the PPE departments. Each PPE major must choose a member of the PPE Committee to serve as their PPE advisor. The PPE Committee (as a whole) must approve the individual program of each PPE student. Students who want to pursue a PPE major should contact one of the PPE Committee members listed above.

PPE Major

The course requirements for the PPE Program are divided into three sections: 1) Core Courses (12 courses); 2) Electives (5 courses); and 3) Senior Research (one semester). Core courses are chosen to provide students with a basic understanding in each of the three disciplines. Electives allow students to concentrate on a specific area or topic of interest, and the senior research project offers a culminating experience allowing students to integrate their work in the three disciplines. In effect, the PPE major is a double major distributed across three departments.

Core Courses

  • Philosophy

    • 121 Ethics: Philosophical Consideration of Morality

    • 126: Social and Political Philosophy

    • 200: Philosophical Studies

    • 250-Philosophy of Law or 294-Topics in Ethics or 295-Topics in Social and Political Philosophy or 321-Metaethics or 326-Theories of Justice

    Political Science

    • 110: American Political Behavior and Institutions

    • 120: Politics in Democratic States

    • 180: Introduction to Political Theory or 284: Introduction to American Political Theory*

    • 382: Modern Political Theory or 383: Contemporary Political Theory

      *Please note that PPE students who have not fulfilled POSC-201 "Analyzing Politics" should request permission from the instructor to register for POSC-284.


    • 101: Introductory Macroeconomics

    • 102: Introductory Microeconomics

    • Any two of the following four: 201-Economic Justice, 401-History of Economic Thought I, 402-History of Economic Thought II, and 403-Evolution of the Western Economy

Electives A student must select five additional advanced courses in at least two of the three departments. The courses which satisfy this requirement must be approved by the PPE Committee. Under special circumstances, and with the approval of the PPE Committee, a student may be permitted to fulfill up to two elective requirements with courses outside of the Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy departments. It is the responsibility of each student's PPE advisor and ultimately, the PPE Committee, to see that the student's course of study realizes the overall goals of the PPE Program.

Senior Research In addition to completing the course sequence indicated above, each PPE student must complete at least one semester of senior research culminating in a senior research project linking the three areas.

PPE Course of Study Proposal Each prospective PPE student must submit a formal PPE course of study proposal by March 1st of the sophomore year, indicating a general topic or theme that will serve as the focus of the major, and proposing a program of study that includes specific plans as to which core courses and which electives will count towards the major. This course of study proposal must be approved by the PPE committee before the student registers for the junior year.

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