Women in Computing

From L to R: Claire Van Fossen, Mary Unkovic, Gabriele Bieliauskaite, Qiuyi (Jessica) Tang

Four women from Denison participated in a special gathering of computer scientists in Cincinnati Ohio in February of 2016.

Called the TriState Celebration of Women in Computing (TRIWiC) conference, there were almost 120 women from 15 different institutions, as well as distinguished women speakers from academia, from industry, and from national research laboratories … and almost no men in attendance. In a field where women usually constitute less than 20%, this was a highly unusual situation, but much appreciated by the attendees.

The varied and creative accomplishments of the speakers and panelists at the conference helped the students to appreciate the depth and breadth of what women have achieved in the field of computer science.

The number of women participating in computer science at Denison has recently surged. These four women, who were all awarded scholarships to attend the conference, represent a range of experience. Jessica Tang is a senior with a double major in computer science and mathematics. Claire Van Fossen is a senior with a major in mathematics and minor in computer science. Both already have jobs lined up in industry. Mary Unkovic is a junior computer science major and President of the Women in Math and Computer Science group at Denison. Gabriele Bieliauskaite is a sophomore computer science major.

The students represented Denison well, making contacts with peers, faculty from other institutions, and representatives of both graduate schools and industry sectors interested in promoting more women in the field.

March 8, 2016