2015-2016 Departmental Honors & Awards

Awards & Honors

2015-2016 Departmental Awards

Michael and Amy Gordon Award

Awarded to a graduating senior who intends to pursue their studies at the graduate level.

Winner: Thomas Ball, Erica Hastings

Allen T. Price Scholarship

A need based scholarship awarded to excellent history majors.

Winner: Amanda Felizardo, Sarah Winnicki

Francis Wayland Shepardson Scholarship

For sophomore or junior students who have shown proficiency and interest in American History.

Winner: Rachael Barrett

John C. Taylor II Memorial Prize

The parents of John Taylor created the prize in memory of their son who was a student at Denison and a history enthusiast. The prize is awarded to a graduating senior in American History who has an excellent grade-point average and who has done commendable work in history courses.

Winner: Charles Houk

William T. Utter Memorial Prize

Cash prize awarded to the best Honors project by a History major.

Winner: Thomas Ball

2015-2016 Departmental Fellows

Each year, the Department of History chooses a number of departmental fellows from among their majors, based on their academic record and aptitude for History.

Fellows have privileged access to the departmental library, and they are consulted by the department with regard to curricular concerns, in addition to meeting with job candidates.

2015-2016 Phi Alpha Theta Members

Phi Alpha Theta 2015 Initiation Ceremony

Phi Alpha Theta is the International Honor Society in History. The society is composed of chapters at accredited universities and colleges. One has to have a 3.0 cumulative GPA, four history courses, and a 3.1 GPA in the history major to be eligible to be a member of Phi Alpha Theta at Denison.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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