The Department of Education emphasizes the study of education as a social institution and analysis of teaching and learning in interdisciplinary terms. The Educational Studies major is designed for students who wish to prepare for a career in education in elementary or secondary schools, or in the broader community. The curriculum introduces students to learning theory and the social foundations of education, and it allows for experiential learning in the field. This study fits well into a broader liberal arts education and allows time for students to complete a major in an additional field of study, for example, in an area of interest or the discipline one intends to teach. The Educational Studies major does not lead directly to licensure; however, faculty in the Department of Education assist students in creating individually designed plans for obtaining licensure after graduation through a range of graduate and other programs.

Learning Goals

  1. Students will develop competence in academic “tools of inquiry” to sustain their own intellectual and social growth (writing; oral communication; analysis, synthesis, critique).
  2. Students will learn theoretical foundations of teaching and learning and to apply them in relation to the processes and content of teaching.
  3. Students will learn theoretical and social foundations of education and to apply them to policy in a diverse, democratic society.
  4. Students will reflect upon their growth as liberally educated individuals throughout their years of study and experiences in the field of education.