Denison Volunteer Dollar Program

May 3, 2013

The Economics Department offers an exciting community service initiative: The Denison Volunteer Dollar – The Currency of Civic Engagement. Denison University has ushered in an era of academic and intellectual partnership with the surrounding community. The program invites Economics students to engage in volunteer work with non-profit organizations around the Denison community.

What is the DVD Program?

Community service can be performed on an individual basis or in large groups during a community service day organized once a semester on a Saturday morning for large groups of students to participate in a single, collective project serving the community. Buses will transport the students for a few hours of fun, enriching community service!

The DVD administration reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of community service work.

Basic Information and Requirements for Economics Students:

  • Required for students taking ECON 101-01: Intro Macroeconomics.
  • Each hour of community service, with a legitimate non-profit organization, is worth 10 DVDs.
  • Individual tax liability is 50 DVDs per class and is due at the end of the semester (last day of classes).
  • 5% of the total grade is assigned to the tax liability.
  • Students can find volunteer work through the Alford Community Leadership & Involvement Center, the Denison Community Association (DCA), and the DVD Program website.
  • Student Volunteer Forms must be completed and signed by organization representatives and the student for each completed record of service.
  • Students must bring signed Volunteer Forms to the DVD Department of Treasury (Judy Thompson, Higley Hall, 212) to obtain DVDs.
  • Students with disabilities or extenuating circumstances will be accommodated.

The DVD Program has received financial support from the Alford Community Leadership & Involvement Center and the Economics Department at Denison University. Special thanks to Laurel Kennedy, Laurie Crane, and Judy Thompson for their support and contribution to the DVD program. The DVD Program has been modeled after the Buckaroo Program of the University of Missouri - Kansas City, and the DVD program of Drew University.

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