Investment Club

May 3, 2013

The Denison University Investment Club is an active, student-managed organization that is dedicated to the pursuit of three primary goals; provide a forum for students to discuss and learn about investing with the goal of generating increased interest in the industry, develop practical investment skills and test them in the management of the two Denison University Investment Club Portfolios, and make a positive financial contribution to the Denison community.

The Investment Club was organized in 1966 with a gift from the Harry A. Hunsberger family. This gift established the Hunsberger portfolio which focuses on income oriented securities; all income generated on this portfolio is used to fund Investment Club activities such as attending investment conferences, purchasing financial publications, and hosting guest speakers.

A second alumnus gift was received in 1995 from the Oelschlager family which established the Oak portfolio. Each year approximately five percent of this portfolio is distributed to the University to support operations. Today the two portfolios have a combined value in excess of $120,000.

The Investment Club meets weekly and is open to any Denison University student who is interested in learning how financial markets work. Students get hands-on experience in learning about investments through the club's management of two portfolios. Club members research, analyze, and select the companies in which the club invests through the purchase of shares of common stock, ETFs, ETNs, bonds, and mutual funds.

Students interested in joining the Investment Club should contact Josh Beitzel.

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