Department Fellows 2020-21

Kyra Colah, Max Giarrusso, Sophie Hudson, Lauren Kessler, Kate Lawlor, Tucker Nuzum-Clark

Department Fellows 2021-22

Mijal Buchsbaum, Vy Doan, Sam Fujikawa, Chris Linares, Maya Tumiwa, Ray Walker, Melissa Wu

Summer and Senior Research Scholars and Conference Presenters

Nina Cosdon
Limited Calls for Justice: The Twitter Rhetoric of Racialized Police Brutality (Summer Research)

Joey Semel
The NFL’s Race Problem at the Quarterback Position (Summer Research)

Lauren Kessler
White Savior Films and the Generational Manifestations of White Catharsis (Senior Research)

Maggie McCann
Presented the paper, The Role of the Erotic and Voice in Female Empowerment, to GLCA’s Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Collective Undergraduate Research and Activism e-Conference, March 25-26, 2021. The paper comes from Alina Haliliuc’s course, Women Creators across Borders, Fall 2020.

Anh Nguyen
Presented the paper, Narrative Analysis of “Our Story of Rape and Reconciliation,” to GLCA’s WGSSC conference, March 25-26, 2021. The paper comes from Alina Haliliuc’s course Rhetoric, Fall 2020.

Department Awards and Honors

Vy Doan
The James Huchison-Lionel B. Crocker Scholarship: Awarded to a rising senior who exemplifies distinguished work in the communication field.

Sam Fujikawa
Geraldine H. Crocker Scholarship: Awarded to a rising senior in recognition of achievement in the field of communication.

Lauren Kessler
John P. Levis Award: Awarded for outstanding academic achievements in the Department of Communication. Major with Highest Grade point average.

Max Giarrusso
Maggie McCann
The Robert W. Levering Award: Awarded for outstanding skills in speech communication.

Lauren Kessler
Clyde S. Shumaker Award: Awarded for excellence in communication through performance and commitment to the college and to the department of communication.

Maren Clark
Marguerite “Tommy” Solberg
Dudgeon – Scheiderer Award: Awarded for commitment to Communication through demonstrated persistence in her academic pursuits and her development of positive professional relationships anchored to the richest values of the liberal arts.

Sophie Hudson
William R. Dresser Love of Learning: Awarded for outstanding academic achievement, generous contributions to the department, intellectual curiosity and remarkable love of learning.

Lindsay Gund Fellowships

Max Giarrusso
Lauren Kessler

Caitlin Ellwanger

Orlando Taylor Paper Award

Natania Chaskes
Modern-Day’ Lynching: The Rhetorical Dimension of Lynching and Its Connections to Police Brutality (Top Paper)

Sam Fujikawa
Girls are Like Salad Bowls: Using Contemporary Pastness to Negotiate Issues of Identity in PENIS (Honorable Mention)

Lambda Pi Eta Members

Leah Ackerman, Malini Adkins, Thomas Andrew, Avery Asherman, Daisy Aviles, Stella Boeckman, Caroline Bremer, Audrey Brenner, Riley Bel Bruno, Kathryn Cahoon, Maren Clark, Kyra Colah, Nina Cosdon, Madeline Coyne, Vy Doan, Calista Duggan, Christian Franco, Samuel Fujikawa, Maxwell Giarrusso, JeSean Johnson, Madeline Kaufman, Lauren Kessler, Kate Lawlor, Greta Levine, Christopher Linares, Brianna Lisbon, Emma Loy, Margaret McCann, Elizabeth Monroe, Anya Nelson, Harrison Netburn, Tucker Nuzum-Clark, Lily Pigott, Mijal Rapaport, Margaret Rogan, Chelsey Sarante, Avantaea Siefke, Marguerite Solberg, Sandra Spurlock, Georgia Sullivan, Hannah Symons, Claire Tierney, Matthew Udowski, Lyse Wagner, Ray Walker, Bridget Walsh, Elliot Whitney, Logan Wickman, Chenxuan Yin, Jingyue Wu, Alice Zimmer

May 5, 2021