Communication and English major, Narrative Journalism Concentration holder Chloe Sferra ‘20 has been named a Fulbright finalist to South Korea.

Sferra notes:

“I want to teach English in South Korea because I am impressed every day by the country’s language and the increasingly rapid spread of Korean culture worldwide. I find the Korean language impressive because, with over one million official words, there are endless possibilities for expressing ideas.

“The main reason I am impressed by the language, however, is the easy inclusion and adaptation of English in daily conversations. Learning from my Korean friends, I see that South Koreans have a desire to be multilingual. I want to offer myself as a resource for Koreans to practice English through discourse and increase this multilingualism.”

She adds:

“I started tutoring when I was in middle school, helping my sister with her English class assignments. Working with my sister ignited my interest in teaching and I saw the value of giving students a space to feel comfortable asking questions. When serving as a teaching assistant in college, I found it important to work with each student individually, because students learn at different paces and these sessions build confidence.

“As a creative writing English major and a communication major, I am intrigued by the fluidity between English and Korean in television shows and interviews. The dialogues in these shows demonstrate a global awareness, and I want to write stories for American audiences that demonstrate this idea. I am eager to learn more about Korean culture as I support students with English language acquisition.”

December 9, 2020