Anthropology/sociology major Kenneth Bourne ‘16 is a licensed social worker and the founder/CEO of Bourne ANEW LLC - a consultation service to restore the well-being of Black boys and men. He also has written a new book, Anger Management For Black Male Teens: A Practical Guide To Help Your Teen Manage Their Emotions, that draws on his professional insights.

The feelings associated with racism, oppression, injustice, social pressures, internal and external threats are real – Bourne uses his personal and professional wisdom to explore the underlying causes of anger. He draws a well-being roadmap and provides sources to promote healing and thriving. Bourne offers strategies for emotional regulation, meditation, building self-acceptance, and identifying and communicating feelings. This is a practical guide, informed by advances in science, psychology, clinical social work, and the movement for social and racial justice.

Throughout his career as a social worker, Bourne has been able to connect with and support a diverse array of people, almost all underserved, dealing with unmet intersecting healthcare needs, structural racism, and social oppression. Currently, he provides professional speaking services, and professional training/ workshops for organizations that serve Black boys/men in any capacity.

The book will be released in February and is at

February 3, 2023