Avantaea Siefke ‘22 has been accepted to the ASA Honors Program for the summer of 2021. She will present a paper titled “In the Stars? Astrology as Aspirational Meaning Making.”

“I applied to this program to gain a deeper understanding of the people in this field along with learning about the wide range of research that sociologists do,” she said. “I hope to share my own research on using Astrology as meaning-making as well as meet individuals with similar interests.”

Siefke’s paper offers insight into the ways individuals use and participate in astrology and other spiritual practices during times of uncertainty.

“Over the summer of 2020, I interviewed individuals within the astrological community. These include professional and novice astrologers along with people who regularly visit an astrologer or spiritual guide. Throughout this paper, I seek to understand how astrology helps people make and understand a human-shaped world in modern life. To do this I ask two central questions: First, what drives people to utilize astrology? Second, how does astrology intersect with other belief systems and ways of thinking?”

Siefke is an anthropology/sociology and communication double major. She is a Community Advisor, Active Minds President and Education Coordinator for Denison Community Association.

About the American Sociological Association Honors Program

The ASA Honors Program provides undergraduate sociology students a rich introduction to the professional life of the discipline. Once admitted, these exceptional students come together for four days and experience all facets of the ASA Annual Meeting.

By participating, Honors Program students develop long-lasting networks with other sociologists while their sponsoring departments get to showcase their most outstanding majors.

May 4, 2021